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We love our uniform and wear it with pride. Our uniform means that when we play, we play as a team. It also means that when we see our uniform, we know the person wearing it is a friend and shares the same values. When we’re at the courts and see our uniform, we go to watch and cheer the team on.


All players must wear the correct registered uniform (all same colour and design), and will not be permitted to take to court unless they are dressed as such. For policies on jewelry, nails, warm and cold weather play, please visit SANDY dress code.

Our game day uniform for girls is the EBVNC dress with black bike shorts. Game day uniforms for boys is black shorts and a black t-shirt.

Game Dresses and Polos

View size guide.

Jackets and Hoodies

Jackets and hoodies are also available to order, to wear to and from training and matches. These not only keep you warm in winter, but they look cool to wear all year round.

View size guide.


It is imperative that all players wear proper supportive netball shoes to lessen the chance of injury. We recommend you check out The Sneaker Store, Brighton, specials sports shoe fitters and one of the club’s Community Partners. See their range and claim your club discount at the Sneaker Store.


How to Order

Please visit MyNetball for 2021 season uniforms. All purchases can be done through your MyNetball account.


New uniforms will be available for collection at the first season training session in February. If you have any questions, please contact our Uniforms Co-ordinator.


Refunds: Please note that the Club regrets it cannot refund uniform orders but we will assist you with on-selling via our club website and our newsletter.  Please visit our Contacts page.

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