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EBVNC Player Registration

How to register

We use NetballConnect for registration. Registration for the season includes:

  • your Netball Victoria membership 

  • your EBVNC registration fees.

Netball Victoria membership

This is an annual payment that enables members to participate (play, coach or umpire) in any Netball Victoria affiliated association/competition or development course. You only need to pay the Netball Victoria membership once each year, even if you are involved in more than one competition, for example the Bayside & District Netball Association (BDNA) and Caulfield & District Netball Association (CDNA). 

EBVNC registration fees

Your EBVNC registration fees cover:

  • BDNA/CDNA/SFNL player fee

  • BNDA/CDNA/SFNL team fee

  • Bibs and balls and any other training equipment required

  • End of season trophies and awards

  • Subsidy for additional kit where possible

  • Cost of coaches training sessions

  • Any other reasonable costs that may arise during the season.

Both the Netball Victoria and EBVNC registration fees are paid through the NetballConnect registration process.

Paid coaches

Paid coaches (non-parent and non-playing) are supported with coaching training and costs associated with delivering training sessions. 

How to register

Players, or their parents, will receive an email from EBVNC (usually in December for the following year) with a registration link. The link will take them directly to the NetballConnect website where registration can be completed. 

Further information

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Please note, all registered players should be familiar with the Code of Conduct and EBVNC, and association, policies (available on this website). 

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