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EBVNC 2021 Information

Season Dates

SANDY (Sandringham District Netball Association, Thomas Street Courts)

The 2021 Season will run during Term 1, Term 2 & Term 3.

The season consists of 14 rounds plus finals (or round robin for Under 11).

There is a spring competition during Term 4 where players are able to make their own team with friends. This season is supported by, but not formally run, by EBVNC.

Games are not played on long weekends or state school holidays.

** Please note that new players who wish to play at SANDY

are required to either live or go to school in Bayside City Council **

CDNA (Caulfield District Netball Association, Duncan McKinnon Oval)

There are two seasons running throughout the year.

The first season (autumn) runs through terms 1 & 2. The season consists of 12 rounds plus finals. The second season (spring) runs through terms 3 & 4. The season consists of 14 rounds plus finals.

Games are not played on long weekends or state school holidays.


Net Set Go is for players born in 2012 & 2013, and is held during Term 2 & 3, and information will be forwarded to interested parties during Term 1 of 2021.

If you are interested in Net Set Go for 2021 please email

Training Days

The likely training days and locations for the 2021 season are as follows. Attendance at training is necessary for players wishing to play for the club.

Registration Fees

There has been no increase in the fees being charged for the 2021 season.

Your child’s registration fees must be fully paid prior to the season start.


The cost of registration for the 2021 winter season is $418, which includes SANDY team fees, Netball Victoria Registration, EBVNC club fees which cover training court hire, coaching fees, training equipment and the SDNA Levy for the building of the proposed netball courts.

The cost of registration for the spring season is paid directly to SANDY by players. This is not handled by EBVNC.


The cost of registration for the 2021 autumn season is $258 which includes CDNA team fees, Netball Victoria Registration (for the year) and EBVNC club fees which cover training court hire, coaching fees and training equipment.

The cost of registration for the 2021 summer season is $230 which includes CDNA team fees and EBVNC club fees. In addition, if you have not played the autumn season you will also need to pay your Netball Victoria Registration fee of $58.

Netball Victoria Fees - Compulsory

All players, coaches and umpires must be registered with Netball Victoria for insurance purposes.

Players are unable to take the court until these fees are paid.

The link to the registration page is:

APS Sport

Girls entering year 7 and participating for the first time in APS sport are often uncertain of whether they can continue on with their netball at EBVNC.

It has been our experience that players are able to meet their APS obligations and continue playing with the club. Historically the girls may miss one or two games during the season – and that is absolutely fine.

To provide certainty to your daughter we suggest that you register with EBVNC and if you find that the APS commitments result in the need to take the season off from the club we will refund your fees. We are unable to refund the Netball Victoria Fees.

Registration Days

All Under 11, under 13 & under 15 players are expected to attend registration days to be part of a team. Players must have completed and paid their club registration prior to registration day. U/17 teams will remain the same in 2020 and players need to register by 8th of November 2019 please.

*** New players for all age groups please contact Emily Higgins ***

*** ***

Registration days will take place at the following locations and times:

At the conclusion of the Registration Days, players who have paid their registration fees will be notified of their team grade and name.

Further Questions?

If we have not answered your query above please send us an email and we will respond promptly. Remember we all have “day” jobs but we promise to get back to you as soon as we can!

EBVNC Registrations:


Grading each year is a multi-faceted process.

Facets of grading include, but are not limited to:

  • Grading trials will take place at the end of the season, or the beginning of the next season.

  • Players will be given a grading by their current coach.

  • A grading committee will observe and grade players throughout the 2nd half of the season.Areas that will be observed are:

  • agility and fitness,

  • footwork,

  • passing skills and ball control,

  • attacking and defensive skills,

  • court and spacial awareness,

  • coach-ability and attitude,

  • game knowledge and decision making.

Other aspects:

  • Consideration will be given to teams who wish to remain playing together as a team.

  • Consideration will be given to requests for friends to play together. This may require players of different levels playing in the lower level team.

  • Consideration will be given as to whether a player wishes to play competitively or socially.

After the above have been considered, we will endeavor to form teams of mostly equally skilled and equally competitive players.

NB- There is the possibility that these teams may change before the season commences

At the beginning of the new season, teams are nominated a grade in the SANDY/CDNA Competition. The initial rounds are then played at SANDY/CDNA with competition team grading reassessed at this point. The teams may be moved up or down to fit them with the best for competition for their skill.

Please keep in mind-We are a group of volunteers trying to ensure as many Netballers get to play the sport they love as possible. Sometimes, skill levels change as netballers grow and mature, sometimes teams need to be reworked, and sadly, sometimes we get it wrong......(we really don’t like that happening!)So please advise us if your child is unhappy with the team they have been placed in, and we will investigate the situation for you.No promises, but we really want everyone to love their teams and to love playing.But also remember, that while a change of team may not be initially preferred for your child, this may be the perfect opportunity for them to make new friends and learn different skills from a new coach and team mates. Sometimes, they start loving the game more when they are placed with others at the same skill level. But we are always here to discuss this further with you

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