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Brand New Facility for Bayside in 2023


Our long awaited and much needed new facility on Holloway Road is rapidly taking shape.

This facility will be transformational for all our players, coaches, clubs and programs.

  • 12 courts in total

  • 3 Indoor courts including one show court

  • 1 outdoor/indoor court

  • 8 outdoor courts

  • Change rooms

  • Administrative facilities.

  • Landscaping and planting using indigenous plants and trees.

  • Five-star energy initiatives including solar power, recycled materials, natural light and rain water retention systems.

A huge shout out to all those people who have worked tirelessly for years now to bring this to fruition. Plans are underway for us to hold our 2023 Spring Competition at our new facility and we look forward to welcoming you all !

Learn more here

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